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Nye landscape Management offers a broad variety of lawn services. Nye Landscape Management is experts in lawn maintenance and services in Charlotte NC. You can contact us at any time for all your lawn services and maintenance.

We offer services like lawn pruning, gardening, lawn aeration and a variety of other lawn services and we also put in the required resources to provide you with an exceptional outcome. We would expose you to numerous lawn services that would make your property appear more magnificent. We could create an alluring property that you would appreciate and be completely at ease knowing that your lawn is flawlessly taken care of.

At Nye Landscape Management, we are devoted to ensuring our clients have access to the best services that satisfy their lawn care requirements. We offer the best  lawn care services and pay attention to details to ensure you are highly satisfied as a client.

Leaf Removal Service Charlotte

During autumn, the leaves of deciduous trees are usually littered across the lawn, leaving it untidy, thereby depreciating your property value. Proper clean-up is required to make the compound look excellent and attractive. Our services will help you handle the cleaning, thus, restoring your lawns evergreen and alluring look. Nye Landscape Management offers topnotch leaf removal services.

Seeding and Lawn Aeration 

Seeding and lawn aeration services develop your property for the planting season by providing good access to seeds beneath the ground for proper development. Nye Landscape Management helps to ensure that your plants develop correctly.

Hedge Trimming Service

Our hedge trimming services do not only offer you the means to give your lawn an attractive look, but it also provides the essential gleaning of growth required for a healthy plant. We offer you services that offer excellent outcomes, ensuring the prevention of hedge burn and making sure sun and water gets to all the essential areas of your hedges and plants causing continuous development of your plants.


We make it possible for you to cultivate several kinds of plants on your property. We can provide excellent results from whatever plants or crops you have decided to grow. Employing indigenous expertise would afford you the best possible effects and a fascinating property solution for your requirements.

Weed Treatments & Mulch Services

We offer numerous lawn maintenance services like aeration, specialized lawn fertilization etc. we use ace products and have a verified history of competence.  Why not contact us today for your lawn maintenance.

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